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Patient Testimonials

"Allison is personable, professional and she has so much knowledge to share. Because of her amazing technique and follow up we only met in person twice and my issues have been greatly reduced. I am leaving the house stress free, sleeping through the night and I don’t have a constant worry or urge to urinate. If I had met her years ago I could have avoided all this stress!"

"Highly recommend Allison at Body Smart for anyone hoping to improve their pelvic health. I used her postpartum and it helped so much, I only wish I had used her earlier during my pregnancy and definitely will in the future. She is incredibly informed, compassionate and encouraging."

"I had pelvic floor PT prior to my 3rd delivery and it was a HUGE difference. It took an hour and a half for push time with my first 2 deliveries. It was 7 minutes with my 3rd after going to see Allison. Highly recommend!"

"I have nothing but great things to say about Allison Matos and her practice Body Smart Physio & Wellness. Allison is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease through every step of this journey. My symptoms have reduced with her techniques and guidance. I initially thought therapy would be boring, but was so glad to learn that therapy wasn’t going to be just kegals! I am so thankful for the contribution she has made on my healing journey postpartum. As an exercise enthusiast I am glad to be getting back to a place where I feel comfortable about managing symptoms when they do arise. I encourage all women, especially postpartum and even during, to take control of their pelvic floor health."

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