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Shame-free sexual health

THIS THE PLACE I want us to get to within our culture and within ourselves. Stigma around women’s sexual health and discussing sexual issues still exists.

Women are less likely to get treatment to resolve sexual issues because of shame and stigma. Every hear a radio commercial for women's sexual dysfunction??

Talking about sex with others might feel awkward, especially at first. But what if it was liberating? What if it made you realize you are heard, your issues are legitimate and that your health truly matters?

Women struggling with sexual issues have a special place in my heart and I hope to do my best to provide them the space and tools to feel more at home in their bodies.

In our sessions we are likely to talk about some personal stuff, and this information and specifics help because it is all relevant. Even the little details. Your comfort level guides this process completely.

Sex during pregnancy or postpartum not feeling right? Never been able to have pain free sex? These things happen often and are treatable! And they don't make you abnormal or broken, but they are valid issues worth of treatment. Please feel reach to reach out when you are ready to get started on improving your sexual health

Dr. Allison Matos, DPT

Body Smart Physio

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