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Pants Peeing Problems??

Dr. Allison Matos, DPT

If you are a female and pee your pants, you are not alone. Our anatomy and the physical impacts of pregnancy and delivery both put us at much greater probability of pants peeing than men.

Not fair eh? I agree.

For many women leakage can be a serious issue and can impact what activities they choose to participate in. This often means not living life fully and being restricted in activities with friends and family

Many women with leakage express feeling a lack of trust in or control over their own body

If you are feeling betrayed by your bladder and uncertain of what to do, you have two basic paths you can take:

Option 1: Live with it, start wearing panty liners daily, if symptoms worsen transition to depends at later age

Option 2: Get answers and solutions

Path 2 is not always a quick fix, but it does greatly improve your odds that your leakage could be eliminated or not worsen with age

Sometimes I find I can help resolve leakage within a few sessions, other times it’s a gradual progression of monthly sessions to reach full goals of running a 5k without issue (for example)

Health Pros to talk to to get started:

> Your pelvic floor physical therapist, preferably who treats your type of leakage often

> gynecologist, urogynecologist or midwife

Let’s make black pants days a thing of the past!

-- Dr. Allison Matos, DPT

Pelvic floor physical therapist, specializing in pregnancy, postpartum, sexual health and female athletics

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