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Frequently Asked Questions

What issues do you treat?

We specialize in helping active women overcome symptoms and continue to participate in the activities they love!

Issues that we commonly treat include back, hip and neck pain, pelvic floor symptoms including urine frequency and leakage, diastasis recti ('mummy tummy'), pelvic pain, and painful intercourse.

We also see women for preventative health who want to have a pelvic floor wellness check or need guidance with activities and exercise during and after pregnancy. Strong, flexible and coordinated pelvic floor muscles are essential to providing pelvic organ support, maintaining continence, stabilizing the pelvis and abdomen, and assisting with sexual function.

What is Pelvic Floor physical therapy?

Pelvic floor PT is specialized treatment for the pelvic floor muscles, which lie at the base of your pelvic bones. These muscles are very important in supporting your pelvic organs, allowing bladder and bowel control, supporting your low back and pelvis, and enhancing sexual function.

PT for the pelvic floor involves assessing the tone or tension of the muscles, checking for a patient's ability to control (contract and relax) these muscles and prescribing appropriate activities to help these muscles work optimally along with the muscles of the abdomen.

While we frequently treat pelvic floor issues, we consider ourselves a women's health provider, as we also assess and treat other areas of the body as these often relate to pelvic floor symptoms and vice versa. A holistic approach to the pelvic floor and (aches and pains in other areas of the body) is essential for reducing or eliminating symptoms long term!

Visits are always guided by patient preferences and comfort. Internal (vaginal) examination is standard practice to gain the most information about muscle function and symptoms and may be recommended by your therapist. For patients not wishing for internal exam, information to guide symptom improvement can also be gained with external exam. 

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Our providers are doctors of physical therapy and in the state of Oklahoma patients can receive treatment for 30 days without a physician's referral. We do often collaborate with other women's health providers to establish a well rounded treatment team

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

At Body Smart we believe in providing the most person specific, expert care, which includes 60 minute comprehensive evaluations and one-on-one treatment sessions with an expert in the field.

Since superb care is important to us, our clinic operates as an out of network provider, meaning we do not contract with commercial insurances in order to be able to provide our clients with the very best and most effective treatment. Our clients can use their out of network benefits for reimbursement following payment at time of service, can direct pay or use HSA/FSA.  If we contracted with insurance we would be forced to reduce appointment times and provide treatments as dictated by insurance companies.


Our services are covered under out of network insurance benefits.  We provide superbills (invoices) to patients who then can submit to these their insurance. Patients are frequently reimbursed 50-80% by their insurance company depending on individual benefits. 


When you consider co-pays and deductibles, patients often find visits with us are similar to or less than what they might pay at an in-network traditional clinic. 


Some of the benefits of this model for our patients include:

  1. More one-one time with a doctor of physical therapy than in the traditional clinic setting (often 2-3x more). No double bookings, other providers or technicians.

  2. Transparent, honest pricing. No surprise insurance bills down the road. Using in-network benefits usually comes with costs including deductibles, coinsurance and copays that can be billed months following an appointment. 

  3. Fewer appointments. More quality, focused time usually means fewer sessions are needed for patients to reach their goals. Instead of 3x a week we often have visits 1x a week or less.

  4. Faster, More Complete Recovery. Clients get better faster and see quicker improvements in performance due to more time with a doctor of physical therapy. You will see the same provider who will help guide the full process. No ‘cookie cutter’ treatment plans.

  5. No treatment restrictions. Often with in-network clinics, providers must get approval from insurance companies to provide certain treatments. If an insurance company does not approve a treatment, the therapist is limited in what interventions they can use to meet patient goals.

Do you offer packages?

Yes, packaged treatment sessions are available at a per visit discount at our Thrive Mama location. Our service pricing includes: $150/single session, $135/session for 6 visit package, and $125/session for 10 visit package.

Where is the clinic located?

We provide assessments and treatment sessions at the Thrive Mama Collective in the Plaza district of OKC as well as a limited number of in-home sessions.

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