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Specialized Services for Perinatal health and Active Women

Seeking care for pelvic floor issues can be intimidating!

For women are ready to take charge of their pelvic health and gain optimal pelvic floor function, we offer expert pelvic health care in a supportive environment.


Whether you are having symptoms that need to be addressed, are interested in specialty birth prep sessions to support a healthy delivery and improve postpartum healing, or are simply wanting an assessment of pelvic floor function-- we are here for you!


We are offer much more than kegels and don't leave clients doing unsupervised exercises that they could just do at home or hooked up to machines doing isolated muscle contractions.


1. Value your time

2. Treat you as a whole person

3. Take the time to provide you with the information you need for better long term results

4. Are here to listen!

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