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Body Smart Women's Health

Expert physical therapy and preventative health for women. Women's orthopedic and pelvic floor specialists. A holistic, modern approach to healing.

We support active women with one-on-one sessions specifically tailored to each individual's goals. Whether you are currently experiencing pain or injury, pregnant and wanting to support a healthy pregnancy with safe exercise, experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, or looking to recover fully after pregnancy and childbirth and get back to feeling like YOURSELF, we are here for you.

 We are a unique women's health physical therapy clinic.

Specialized in women's rehab and focused on your healing. We provide a truly holistic and personalized program and expert hands on treatment.

We help you stay active, eliminate pain, and find long lasting relief from symptoms to live the life YOU want. 

Mother with her Baby
Lifting Weights

Want to feel in control of your body again after pregnancy?

Want to prepare your pelvic floor for birth?

Pain getting in the way of exercise but don't want to stop being active?

Concerned about how to return to or start exercising safely?

Want to eliminate injury or pain naturally... WITHOUT surgery or opioids?

Curious about your pelvic floor function and would like to know your status?

Ready to overcome painful sex and improve intimacy for yourself?

Want to feel like an athlete again postpartum?


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What is our Approach to Women's health?

Women deserve better, more personalized healthcare. We believe mamas deserve expert rehabilitation and support postpartum to enhance healing and long term recovery. We specialize in preventative wellness and holistic care for active women. 

The Body Smart vision is that all women are enabled and informed to experience better births and stay active long term. This means addressing both your pelvic and whole person health and provide you tools to sustain wellness long term. For more info visit our FAQ section

Your Physical Therapist

dr.allison (1).jpg

Dr. Allison Matos is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and owner of Body Smart Physio, a specialty practice focused on helping women prevent and overcome pelvic floor issues and injuries to life live as BIG as they desire!


Allison specializes in working with pregnant and postnatal women, fitness athletes, and women experiencing pelvic pain. She enjoys collaborating with women during pregnancy who want to stay active, prepare their pelvis for birth, and safely return to exercise and full activity over the postpartum period.


Her practice brings together orthopedic and pelvic health treatment to provide a more holistic approach to rehabilitation for long lasting results and sustainable wellness. 


She founded Body Smart with the intent of making the highest quality one-on-one pelvic and orthopedic care accessible to people who want more than cookie cutter treatment.


Allison is certified in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (hands on treatment) through extensive training with Evidence in Motion and is Certified in Management of the Fitness Athlete (CMFA). She became a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2016 and is a 200 hr yoga teacher. 

Allison has extensive training in pelvic floor rehabilitation and is passionate about helping women continue to exercise safely during pregnancy as well as fully recover (and become even stronger!) postpartum. Her interest in women’s health began following her two pregnancies when she discovered how little she felt in control of her body with returning to exercise.


She strongly believes quality pelvic health treatment can be life changing for women, and that it should be the norm for pregnant and postpartum women to have their pelvic floor function checked to help prevent pelvic issues over the lifespan.

Her treatment sessions involve thoroughly discussing clients preferences, treatment options and setting personalized goals. Sessions include hands on treatment and corrective exercises to guide healing. Some treatment options which are tailored to clients needs include joint mobilization, spinal manipulation and trigger point dry needling to optimize whole body movement and eliminate pain. 

Common issues she treats include: spinal, pelvic and hip pain, neck pain, urinary leakage and/or urgency, sexual dysfunction, diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse.

Running Athletic Women

Take charge of your body and your health!

We are here to help you FIND and FIX the source of your issues for long lasting results and optimal health over the lifespan. 

Questions? Ask away!

Thanks for reaching out!

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