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Specialty Services for active women

Yoga Twist

Perinatal Women's Health

Seeking care for pelvic floor issues can be intimidating!

For women are ready to take charge of their pelvic health and gain optimal pelvic floor function, we offer expert pelvic health care in a supportive environment.


Whether you are having symptoms that need to be addressed, are interested in specialty birth prep sessions to support a healthy delivery and and improve postpartum healing, or are simply wanting an assessment of pelvic floor function-- we are here for you!


We are offer much more than kegels and don't leave clients doing unsupervised exercises that they could just do at home or hooked up to machines doing isolated muscle contractions.


1. Value your time

2. Treat you as a whole person

3. Are here to listen!

Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

Overcome injuries while staying active

Women's health is much more than just the pelvic floor!


We specialize in musculoskeletal health and performance for active women. We work with you to find the source of issues causing pain and provide specific corrective exercises to keep injuries from coming back.


We take pride in helping active women recover without having to stop the activities they love and GREATLY enjoy working with women who were previously active before pregnancies on removing barriers to exercise. Whether that be running, crossfit or group HIIT workouts we can help you sustain health through fitness.

Group Running

Expert Manual Therapy

Dr. Allison is highly trained in manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and get you moving better.


We offer Trigger Point Dry Needling, cupping, targeted joint mobilization, and soft tissue work to support an active lifestyle

Speciality Services for the Female Fitness Athlete

Heavy Weights

Female Fitness Athlete Wellness and Performance

For the fitness athlete who wants to improve their performance in the gym while also improving long term health. We specialize in working with fitness athletes who don't want to let pain or pelvic floor symptoms limit their abilities in the gym and in life. 

Virtual Pelvic Wellness for Crossfit Program

Im so excited! Stay tuned for our upcoming virtual program launch for female Crossfitters!

Fitness Equipments
Woman with Computer

Virtual Concierge PT

Need a consult for something you are experiencing but can't make it in for an appointment? Virtual sessions are an effective way to start addressing symptoms quickly and get results without leaving the house. As a virtual clients you will receive guided treatment and corrective exercises to get back to feeling like yourself!

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